What is 585

585 is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that is affordable, easy to use and very intuitive. 585 ERP software has superior functionality, as well as being flexible enough to adapt to your company's own needs and desires. Our customer support team includes our programmers, designers and trainers to help us manage the daily needs of our customers to help with the speed of implementation and improved customer service. Our software is SQL based and easy to manage and can also serve as “middle ware” if the need arises.

What are the main functions of the 585 ERP System?

  • The collective information in 585 spans all departments of a business.
  • Data input into 585 is available for real-time processing and analysis thus providing a wide range of reports that facilitate decision making for all levels of business operation.
  • Since the different functions of 585 all share a common database, data travels seamlessly between them.
  • Functions vary from project planning, shop floor, manufacturing, finance, MRP, sales and distribution, to material management.
  • Processes cover order entry, extensive BOM creation and tracking, reporting, receiving, shipping, accounting and much more.
  • Planning is made easy from concept to production of new products, to in-depth financial forecasts.
  • Tracks a wide range of events throughout the enterprise and facilitates creation and planning of future events.
  • Simplifies 'Paper Trail' compliance by allowing all documentation to be attached directly to the relative order, inventory, nomenclature, employee, etc.
  • 585 supports analysis of trends to improve performance and planning for a stronger future.

Why choose Ability 585 instead of other software?

585, like other ERP systems, can run your entire business. But 585 differs from ERP in three fundamental ways:

  • 585 is a Windows based product that is easy to use and is designed to keep rules and steps to a minimum, while other ERP systems can be extremely complex and require many levels of rules and steps to function properly.
  • Windows functionality allows 585 to be set up and implemented much more quickly and efficiently, minimizing the time spent installing the software and training your employees.
  • The 585 package price is a small fraction of the cost of other ERP systems. Other ERP systems require substantial initial investment in software and implementation services.

Do I pay more to receive product updates?

Our support services include all product updates, so our users stay up to date with any and all new features and functionality of 585

How can I ensure that 585 fits my company?

585 is very flexible and will fit virtually any business, from small to Fortune 500. Ability’s 585 ERP Software is ideal for a traditional, discrete manufacturer, a job-oriented business that makes, assembles, or services items. Our staff of programmers, trainers and support personnel will provide the solutions needed to quickly implement and maximize your employees' utilization of your new software. Flexible pricing and leasing options allow all manufacturers to receive complete functionality of the software with a minimal upfront investment.

At what point, if any, will I outgrow the system?

Since 585 uses a SQL database the number of users is virtually unlimited.

How are multiple users licensed and installed?

Each user who is to have access to the system is assigned a User ID, which is used to log on to the system from any computer workstation on the network.

In terms of physical installation, only one copy of the software is installed, either on a central server or, in the case of a peer-to-peer network, on a shared workstation, along with the SQL database. A small program is installed on each computer workstation that connects and provides access to the central server or shared workstation.

What type of hardware and network will I need?

585 is a Windows-based system that can be installed on a single PC or on a network file server or on a main workstation in a peer-to-peer network.